Icelandic Arctic Char 2x170g, Frozen

Icelandic Arctic Char 2x170g, Frozen

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Check out this great recipe for Grilled Arctic Char With Horseradish Crema from New York Times Cooking!

"This recipe, from the chef Nick Anderer of Marta in Manhattan, pairs simply seasoned arctic char fillets with a bright, delicious crema with lemon and spicy horseradish. Make sure your grill grates are both clean and very hot before you put down the fish; that will help keep your fish from sticking. You'll also want a large grill spatula for flipping (not tongs) to get under the fish and help you carefully flip the fillets and keep them intact."

Follow this link for ingredients and instructions:

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  • All our fish and seafood are flash frozen on the boat to keep their natural juices and tenderness.
  • They are also wild caught and chemical free.

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