Honey Garlic Beef Jerky - Quarter, Half, or Full Pound

Honey Garlic Beef Jerky - Quarter, Half, or Full Pound

Andys Beef Jerky
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Love a top notch Honey Garlic chicken wing? Our Honey Garlic is surely going to satisfy you. Pure honey and minced garlic help marinate the flavours straight through each piece. A taste of Heaven!

  • Vacuum sealed package
  • Ingredients: beef, water, honey powder, soy sauce powder, garlic powder, spice
  • Contains: soy

Seven Flavours

Try all 7 exciting flavours that'll have you coming back for more MSG-free and gluten-free goodness!

100% Albertan, Made Fresh Weekly

  • Only the finest, freshest, local ingredients
  • Supporting local Albertan farmers
  • Certified and inspected smokehouse
  • No preservatives (refrigerate up to 3 months after opening)

Andys Beef Jerky picks and packs the freshest beef jerky and pepperoni sticks for you when you order and get delivery from Sholo.