Sholo Membership

Updated: December 10, 2020

Notice: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 conditions, we are unable to provide the additional levels of service for Gold and Platinum memberships. These plans will be made available again once we are able to ensure the higher levels of service. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Join the Sholo Club as a Gold or Platinum member and enjoy exclusive member perks and benefits. Talk with one of our agents today to learn more about which plan is right for you and how to sign up.

If you manage an office, apartment, condo, or residence, talk to us for customized plans and group benefits. For example, you could offer all your tenants free delivery on a selected day of the week.

Sholo Membership - Gold Level, Platinum Level
Free $149/yr $399/yr
Feature Not a Member Gold Platinum
Shop Online
Pay Before by Credit (Secured by Shopify)
Phone and Chat Support
Delivery within 1-2 days
Rush Order 1 $9.99 $1.99
Stores per Order 1 2 2
Extra Store per Order $6.99 $3.99 $2.99
Curb Pickup $9.99
Weight Limit (in pounds) 30 45 60
Orders with Free Delivery 2 None 15 Unlimited
Order by Phone, Text, Chat, or Email
Pay After by Cash, Credit, or e-Transfer 3
Preferred Delivery (Higher Priority)
Shop Unlisted Stores
Shop Unlisted Products
Dry-Cleaning Drop-off
Dry-Cleaning Pickup
Restaurant Pickup
Shop Sale Prices at Stores 4
Apartment or Condo Door Service (past lobby)


Please Note

  1. Rush order is subject to availability of drivers at the time of request. We will arrange the first available driver to complete rush orders. Rush order is limited to 1 store per order.
  2. Unlimited free delivery is subject to fair usage policies. Average 1 order per week. Orders beyond fair usage are subject to regular rates for rush orders, extra stores, and curb pickups at Sholo's discretion.
  3. Cash must be placed in Ziploc bags for health and safety reasons. Check with your bank about Interac e-Transfer fees they may charge you.
  4. Shop Sale Prices at Stores items paid by credit are subject to a 3% surcharge to cover card fees. If the advertised sale price and the price on the store receipt differ, the price on the store receipt shall apply.