Sell Through Sholo

Sholo encourages our community to shop locally. If you own a local shop, consider the many benefits of selling through Sholo. Contact us today at or 825-343-0111 to learn more and discuss specific rates, terms, and conditions.

Sell Through Sholo

Local Delivery

  • Offer door-to-door delivery to your existing customers and to new customers
  • We forward orders for you to pick and pack items
  • Our driver picks up orders at the curb and delivers to customers
  • We cover vehicles, drivers, gas, and delivery coordination

Mass Marketing

  • Reach more potential customers
  • We promote your store and products online with Facebook ads, Google ads, shopping networks, digital marketplaces, and more
  • We promote offline with flyers, trade shows, focus groups, print ads, and more
  • We arrange special promos tailored to your store or products
  • We cover marketing materials, time, and fees

Flexible Sales Process

  • Get more confirmed sales
  • Customers order using online checkout
  • We confirm customer preferences for substitutions and stock issues
  • We cover sales people, tools, and processes on our end

Online Ordering

  • Meet modern customer expectations for ordering everything online
  • Customers can shop 24/7 from anywhere
  • We'll copy over items from your existing online store, Facebook page, or catalogue
  • We'll guide you through adding products that aren't online yet
  • We cover technology setup, configuration, and regular maintenance

Flexible Payments

  • Make payments easy for customers and your business
  • Customers pre-pay by credit
  • We pay you by direct deposit
  • We cover card and bank fees for payments from customers

Additional Services

  • We want to make it easier for your local business to grow, so let us know how else we can help
  • Supply chain connections are currently available for clothing, textiles, tableware
  • Domestic and international shipping options will be available for eligible products

General Terms and Conditions

  • You must have a physical location (store, farmer's market, warehouse, home office) for pickup within our service area
  • Pick items in good condition to maintain customer satisfaction
  • Pack items properly for delivery by car
  • Your online or in-store refund policy must also apply to purchases through Sholo

Updated: January 7, 2021