Invite Friends

Invite your friends to order through Sholo. Share your friend's phone number with us. You each get a code for $5 off when they complete their first order!

Invite Friends, Get $5!

How it Works

  1. You complete your own order with us at least one time.
  2. You share your friend's phone number with us.
  3. Your friend completes their very first order using that same phone number. We use the phone number to confirm orders.
  4. You get a single-use discount code for $5 off your next order.
  5. Your friend gets a single-use discount code for $5 off their next order.
  6. Repeat for your next friend to get another code for $5 off!

Please Note

  • You have to complete at least one purchase yourself before you can refer a friend.
  • You cannot refer your own phone number.
  • You cannot refer someone who already ordered with us before.
  • You can only redeem one discount code per order.
  • Order total must be more than $0 after the discount.