Fair Usage Policy

Updated: January 7, 2021

Sholo's local shopping and delivery service is intended to help households in our community with typical weekly groceries, especially for people that find it difficult to go outside and shop. The Fair Usage Policy describes the intended use and what happens if orders go beyond fair usage as determined by Sholo.

Be Kind, Be Fair

Orders per Household

We consider all orders on a per household basis. If multiple people (husband, wife, grandparents, etc.) at the same address put in separate orders around the same time, we still consider them altogether as one order to the same household.

30 lb Weight Limit

We consider a typical family's weekly groceries to be about 3-4 bags you can carry by hand. If the total weight for the household's order goes significantly over 30 lbs, we reserve the right to charge $15 for every 10 lbs over the limit. We will let you know if any extra charges apply before you confirm the order. If you are an office or complex that needs to make a very large order, please contact us for business rates.

Example of an order that should be fine: 1-2 gallons milk, 5-10 lbs meat, mix of veggies, small cooking and baking supplies, 1-2 snacks, 1-2 drinks, 1 pack toilet paper.

Example of an order that will be charged extra: 6 gallons of milk, 10 lbs of salt, 20 lbs rice/flour, 50 lbs onions.

1 Store per Order

Please limit your order to items from 1 store per order. Each additional store has a $6.99 delivery fee. We will call to confirm the number of stores in your order.

Not All Stores are Available

We encourage our customers to shop from local and ethnic stores to help the local community. Big box stores like Costco and No Frills are available for you convenience. We cannot offer every big box store because some of them are very hard to shop at. We will not add stores that have frequent stock and pricing issues which make for an upsetting experience for our shoppers and our customers.

We are adding more stores over time based on customer demand if they are within reasonable driving distance for our current service centres.

Markups on Some Items

Products from stores that are not in our partner network may have some markup. This helps us cover costs like credit card and bank fees, time spent shopping, paying our office employees, advertising, and otherwise running a business. Delivery fees go to the driver, so it won't cover any of the other costs.

Note: Like any service employee (waiters, food delivery, etc.) our drivers still depend heavily on tips to make a living. Please be kind to them when they're saving you so much time and hassle.

Sale Prices

We cannot offer temporary sale prices from the stores themselves. If you order with the sale price one day, and the sale is over the next day when we shop, the store will not give us the sale price. It is also difficult for us to keep changing prices for hundreds of items across dozens of stores.

From time to time, Sholo may advertise items on sale on the front page. The advertised sale price applies for the time listed on our site.

No Pharmacy Prescriptions

Unfortunately, we cannot pickup prescription drugs for you due to health and safety, and legal concerns. We can still get over-the-counter medication for you.

Pricing Errors and Updates

Sholo reserves the right to correct pricing due to errors by us or the stores we shop from. Stores may change prices without notifying us. At our discretion, we may update prices as soon as we are aware of the issue, including on any active orders.