How to Save More Money on Groceries – and Time by Ordering Online

I love ordering grocery delivery. Whether I need fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, or a mango cake, not having to go outside and stand in line forever somehow makes my day feel even better. The only downside of ordering delivery is the cost — those weekly orders can really add up.

Luckily, I found an awesome way to make my delivery habit cheaper – it's called Sholo.

Sholo is a local grocery delivery service that covers all of Edmonton for almost every store big and small while you're shopping online. Then at checkout, they only charge a flat low delivery fee for each store in your cart! No complicated math with distance and weight, no credit card fees, no stress – you just watch as your total stays low.

Last time I ordered my usual groceries, Sholo saved me $25.81:

Sholo checkout


$25 saved? Not bad, considering it took zero effort.

Even if Sholo only saves you a few dollars, that's money back in your pocket (or money to spend on wine). Sounds like a win-win to me!

You can use this easy service for all your favourite grocery stores, including Costco, Walmart, Superstore, farmer's markets, and more. And big box groceries are just the beginning - Sholo can also save you money at Calvin Klein, Liquour Depot, Staples, PetSmart, Asian groceries - basically anywhere you shop online or in-store.

Do yourself a favour and try Sholo now so the next time you order anything online, you're ready to make it easy and affordable. Your future self will thank you.